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Ensembles and Classes


Ear Training with Ilana

In Ear Training, students will learn the rudiments of music: scales, intervals, chords and keys, through written exercises, singing, and dictation. The plan is to teach students scales and the circle of fifths, fundamentals, intervals, and chords dictation 4 part writing. One Hour 2X Week, 2-Person Minimum to Run Class. Private ear training class also available.

Songwriting with Maverick

This course will teach: prosody (the relationship between lyric and melody) rhyme schemes, building an unforgettable title, catchy choruses how to write chord progressions and great melodies even if you don't play an instrument or sing, and everything you've ever wondered about song form - how it all comes together into an expression of self and an immortal piece of work that you can share with the world. 2 Hrs/week $48/wk billed monthly

Guitar Group Class For Veterans!

Have you always wanted to learn how to play guitar? Needham Music is honoring veteran's commitment to serving our country by offering free guitar lessons. You will learn chords, scales and start playing songs! Guitar rentals are available if you do not own one. Rent for the duration of the class or rent to own. Space is limited.


Brass Connections Virtual Program

This 12-week virtual program is designed to make up for the many lost performance and educational opportunities brass students will face as band programs move to online instruction due to COVID-19. Brass Connections is intended to supplement and enrich students’ private and in-school instruction to ensure that these vital formative years of development are not lost.

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